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July 3, 2007

Bush commutes “Scooter” Libby…

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Unreal.  Our preisdent (who won office by losing the popular vote) actually, I believe, thinks he’s “King” George

I truly never thought that I could hate a president more than Richard Nixon.  But, Dubya is the guy.


January 3, 2007


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Here’s hoping 2007 brings you health, wealth, knowledge, and fun.

And, oh yeah… no craziness.


November 21, 2006

Michael Richards’ Meltdown

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Simply put, the man had a major meltdown on stage.  I know, first hand, what it’s like when a heckler (or two) decides that he or she (or they) are more important to be heard than the person on stage.  It’s rude.  It’s unpleasant… and it seldom ends nicely.

However, where Michael Richards went is inexcusable.  I saw the entire video.  Again, inexcusable.

Now, the question is: what should happen to him?

My opine?  Forgive and forget.  Forgive him — then forget him.




September 29, 2006

The Trials and Tribulations of Financing a Movie…

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I must admit that I sometimes wonder why, oh why, I’m still in the movie business.

The odds of getting a film financed are on a par with winning a lottery. And that’s the part that drives me crazy. Getting the money. It’s easier to get Paris Hilton to say a four-syllabel word.

So far I’ve been lucky — I guess I’ve won four lotteries (having made four feature films). But, now I’m chomping at the bit to get my next movie going…


It’s a feature film version of the classic 1960s ABC-TV comedy-western series “F Troop.” I can honestly say it was one of my favorite shows as a kid. Loved it. Now I have the goal of beginning production on this film this coming spring.

Now, all I have to do is get the money!

Thoughts anyone?


Welcome to Bobby’s Blog…

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It is my sincere hope that our exchanges here will, single-handedly, bring about world peace, and effectively solve all problems, major and minor, that are presently affecting mankind.

Oh, yeah… and I hope to meet some hot babes here, too.


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